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Great day for some two wheel action

With such a great day weather wise, it was awesome to be able to head up to Bargagallos and get some pics of the Motor Cycle Racing Club of Western Australia round 3 event. Some really nice looking bikes out there today and I was able to get some nice action shots along with a little panning stuff too. I love the sidecars since i can remember not sure why just love them. I got some great shots as the access is excellent and I only had my 70-200mm with me. The 10 year old Nikon 3Dx was loving the conditions and was sharp as ever, although my panning needs a lot of practice. Only issue i have is when I am panning the results give me spots from the censor not other wise seen with faster shutter speeds, so a little more editing and a good serviced is due. as always here are some pics

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