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Been a while..

Well its been a while but i have been lucky enough to be busy with paid work recently so all pics go the the client, which i don't mind at all and its all great fun. So with the long weekend here I have the daughter and misses in Bali and the son looking after the in-laws house (and their new dog) I'm home alone (except for our dogs). So with the photography bug biting hard I headed out for a night shoot of Perth, (Western Australia) and a day trip to Fremantle for a walk around. First lot are from my night trip to the south foreshore to capture the city during sunset I did a few time lapses too while i was there and its worse than fishing... so boring, but got some nice stills anyway. the second set are from my walk around Freo today. Did a lot of K's but got some diverse pics which is what Freo is all about, so my editing reflects the diversity. Sooooo much to look at but my fav's are the buildings, they have been re-stored so well and doesn't take much to think of how they looked back in the day, also the abstract part of Freo is everywhere so there's always something to photograph.

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