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First shoot of the year.

So my first shoot of the year went well all things considered. I had booked 2 models while waiting on another to get back to me. One mode was a no show and the other never got back to me so that left one and she showed up, so Yay for me (still pissed about the no show as i had re-booked the time with her that day and still didnt show up).

So we shot at the ALoft hotel in Rivervale, because I liked their decor and found it easier to use than a plan and bland studio, although the lighting and space was a challenge from time to time we still got great pics. Hotel rooms offer more styled backgrounds and props than most studios and the cost isn't much more.

My model for the day was Connie and although she has only done a hand full of shoots she did really well, open minded and knew her limits etc, it was good to work with her. We decided to start with some pretty standard lingerie shots then moved to the bathroom to get some mirror shots with us finishing on wet clothes shots. the pics below are a few from the day and you can see the difference in the backgrounds and how they make the images a little more interesting. If you would like to work with my self or Connie please contact me.

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