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All About Me

I'm David from Perth Western Australia. Why photography? I'm not sure but I love the life of being a photographer, everything I see, I see with a photographer's eyes. From planning a shoot all the way to delivering the images.

I am open minded, versatile and really keen to explore all aspects of photography with clients' ideas. I like to get involved with my clients and their requests as it will ensure we get more ideas out and into the camera. More ideas, means more for my clients to use, there's nothing better than seeing your images used for whatever reason.

My portfolio is diverse and my style is simple as is my editing, it's just how I like to do things. If you like my work or would like to have a chat about some ideas please don't hesitate to contact me any way you feel comfortable with. All ideas considered and I'm sure we can sort out a package to suit your needs.




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