My name is David and I am a photographer from Perth, Western Australia. I have had an interest in photography since I was young, taking random snaps here and there, and I have always loved  looking at other photographers work from around the world. There was always that attraction, so in 2005 I made it a more serious passion by starting my career. Just about everything I see, I look at with photographers eyes, I love all aspects of photography. As you can see I have done a wide range of shoots and I don’t really have a style or type of photography, I really do enjoy it all, just being out there with camera in hand is so relaxing. ​

I am a reliable, attentive, versatile and open minded photographer, just drop me a message and we can start planning. I have a variety of camera gear to make sure I can cover as many ideas as possible. I also have access to great hair and make-up artists, studios, models and more.​​ If you have any questions about my services, for any occasion, I'm sure we can work out something to suit your situation and needs. Please feel free to contact me.